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Your trusted source for used oil and gas equipment.

“OTG or “On The Ground” is an oilfield production equipment supplier and packager. We specialize in all production equipment such as separators, treaters, FWKO’s, line heaters, tanks, dehys, etc. OTG has a large stock of turnkey packages ready to go for our customers.”

What are the benefits to acquiring oilfield equipment from OTG Oilfield Equipment?

Cost Savings

Used oil field equipment is often significantly less expensive than new equipment, which can help businesses save money on capital expenditures.

Quick Availability

OTG offers a wide selection of used oil field equipment that is readily available for purchase, allowing businesses to quickly obtain the equipment they need.


When buying used oil field equipment, businesses have the opportunity to oversee repairs and customizations, which can ensure that the equipment meets their specific needs and requirements.

Quality Assurance

OTG thoroughly inspects and verifies the quality of all used oil field equipment before listing it for sale, providing businesses with assurance that the equipment is in good working condition.


Buying used oil field equipment can help businesses reduce their environmental impact by extending the life of existing equipment and reducing the need for new equipment production.


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